So this is my first post on this blog, the one where I tell you what this blog is about.  The name of this blog, “Preconstructed Machina” is a good place to start from.  Machina refers to a mechanical robot or weapon, a meaning I twist around to equate to internet and media technology.  The addition of the word Preconstructed doesn’t really contribute much to the content of this blog, but instead makes a statement about the history of media technology (or any technology really).  Most modern technology tends to have its roots in older technology, and the word Preconstructed infers that the basic elements needed to for today’s technology to come into being was already invented.  A long-reaching example of this trend would be Amazon’s Kindle, the roots of which could be traced all the way back to the invention of the printing press.

There’s also a second meaning to the Machina term: Deus ex machina, the Latin term that’s typically used to describe a plot device that’s used to solve a previously unavoidable problem within a work of fiction.  This often goes against what SHOULD happen in that situation, according to the logic of the work.  This is kind of what I’ll be doing whenever I make a post on this blog.  I’ll give you my thoughts, research, etc. on that post’s topic, and end with my final thoughts on what may happen in the future, wrapping up the topic as best I can.  My final opinion may not always be popular or expected, much like Deus ex machina, but it will always be there regardless.

With all this, I hope you can get a good idea of what I’ll be writing about on this blog.  See you next time!  (I’ll probably be posting again quite soon, so stay tuned!)


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